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Editing a Movie

We create an Avid4D Recut when we find the experience of watching a movie can be improved by changing or editing scenes or dialogue.

These Fan Edit Recuts are made purely for personal enjoyment, are not sold as products by themselves, and the viewer must own a legitimate retail release of the original content to maintain copyright protection laws.

Changes could include a number of alterations, including but not limited to:

  • scene re-ordering

  • new intro or end scenes

  • trimming dialogue for narrative or pacing purposes

  • adding deleted scenes

  • adding scenes from sequels or prequels

  • merging movies from different franchises

  • removing unneccesary sub plots

  • removing unneccesary characters

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Sometimes we are disappointed in a movie when it does not match the anticipation built leading up to its release. On occasion this can be improved however, by editing the scene sequence or pacing.

Examples of this are the Avid Recuts of Batman vs Superman and Cloud Atlas.

In BvS we felt there was a decent story buried under a confusing delivery, so we re-ordered much of the movie to present what we believe to be a more cohesive story.

The novel of Cloud Atlas was written in a "nesting doll" style, but the movie was a mess of mixed up scenes and timelines. The Avid Recut restores the scrambled approach back to the style of the novel.

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Behind the Scenes
Stereo Speaker

Special Effects and Audio Editing can at times be neccesary to improve what the movie studio has produced.


The Avid Version of The Last Jedi has several effects changes, including Rey holding Luke's lightsaber after he hands it back to her on the island (Luke does not throw it away in our version) and Kylo-Ren fires at Leia in her Resistance Ship.


Musical tracks hold a high importance to us, as music selection plays a key part in the intensity, feel, and emotion of a scene.

Other times we may want to change one sound, or the voice of a character. An example is Jake Johnson's character in the 2017 version of The Mummy. We didn't like the way his character kept his normal voice after becoming a zombie-like figure, so we distorted it a little.


Want to see what Avid Entertainment gets up to behind the scenes?

Check out the Avid Studio for details on our custom movie edit projects.

Please Note:

Avid4D Entertainment

does not host files to fan made edits by Avid or any other fan editors

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