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Important: Rules T&Cs

Want a copy of an Avid Recut Edit?

Email us a photo of the original source material that you own and we can then supply you with a link to download our version of the same movie. This means we need a photo of your DVDs or BluRays. If you do not own the original source material, we can sell you a BluRay and then provide you the link to our version.

Avid Entertainment business and web site abides by a strict NO PIRACY policy.

Piracy is not tolerated and the rights of the copyright holders must be protected. You must purchase a legal official retail release to watch a Recut or Fanedit version of a film, or to create your own edited version.

Links for downloads are not and must not be shared on this web site and any mention of download links in the forum will be removed. Avid does not host files or links.

Vulgar language, racism, sexism, victimization and harassment will not be tolerated. Criticism should be constructive and advisory in nature for the benefit of the faneditor to make further improvements. Personal attacks will be dealt with justly. If you are unsure or have further questions, please contact us.

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