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Contact: Special Edition v1.1 (inc. trailer)

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Contact: Special Edition is slightly shorter than the theatrical release, however there is more going on in the events in this version. It is aimed at the fans of Contact who are interested in a slightly different spin on this intellectual tale, and question "what if?"

The biggest change in Contact: Special Edition is there are now three attempts to use the machine instead of two, and the different outcomes that result when:

  1. The scientists rush into using "the machine"

  2. The world and media circus influence how it is used

  3. The government controls its use

The extra attempt to use the machine relies on some scientific theories which are discussed in the original movie as they are again in this version, but it would benefit the viewer to understand these concepts. In particular the conversation between Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey at the lake helps to understand what happened in one of the attempts.

The journey into space (or was it another dimension??) has been edited, and the ending has also been trimmed to make it more satisfying. The new version 1.1 includes some slight improvements in editing and an extra special visual effect added.

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