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Zack Snyder's Justice League

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Wow! Is there anything else to say?!

Sitting through the 4 hours of Snyder's Justice League felt like a series of enlightenments, where I repeatedly announced, "Oh that makes sense now!"

So much was explained that made little to no sense in the original theatrical version. Snyder sure did have a lot of story to tell, and it is now incredibly evident how much Warner Brothers and Josh Whedon hacked the movie to give us only small pieces.

Even though it was such a long movie, and it did feel it, I was not ready for it to end and wanted more. It really is an amazing piece of storytelling, especially if you watch it marathon style after Man of Steel and Batman v Superman. Yes, that is a huge time investment, but it really is worth it.

Would I change anything? Well nothing really jumps out at me that needs to be changed. I am really glad I kept the Knightmare sequences in my BvS Recut because they tie into Snyder's Justice League. I feel like I have a true trilogy with these films.

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